VitalFactors - 40 Effertabs

Imagine waking up feeling better than you have in years with lots of energy, good health, and a new zest for life! VitalFactors is a revolutionary anti-aging nutritional formula to help maximize your health. VitalFactors is a scientifically formulated nutritional complex that supplies nutrients vital for energy, muscle synthesis , brain function, immune support and youthful vitality!

VitalFactors - 40 Effertabs

Imagine waking up feeling better than you have in years with lots of energy, good health, and a new zest for life! VitalFactors is a revolutionary anti-aging nutritional formula to help maximize your health. VitalFactors is a scientifically formulated nutritional complex that supplies nutrients vital for energy, muscle synthesis , brain function, immune support and youthful vitality!

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Imagine waking up feeling better than you have in years, with lots of energy, good health, and a new zest for life! That’s exactly how men and women feel after taking VitalFactors for just a few days.

MDR VitalFactors® is a revolutionary anti-aging nutritional formula designed to optimize your health and support:

Mental Clarity
Heart Health
Muscle Tone
Youthful Skin

MDR VitalFactors helps revitalize your mind and body with results you can see and feel. The older you are the more you will appreciate the benefits of VitalFactors and how it makes you feel years younger!

Iconic Film Star and Singer Pat Boone says, “I am 88 and feel like I am 28 thanks to VitalFactors. When you think I topped the charts before Elvis and I am still going strong, working and playing tennis each day, you can see why I call VitalFactors my Fountain of Youth!”

“I have been taking VitalFactors for over 20 years along with MDR Fitness Tabs, Stress Defense Tabs, and Chondro-Pro. These supplements make a world of difference.  MDR constantly updates the formulas to the latest science. I like that they do the research so I get the benefits.”

Live A Vital Life

Nutrition is vital to your good health. Unfortunately, if you are like most people, you just don’t get vital nutrients from today’s typical diet. With aging, your body’s natural levels of youth hormones and protective antioxidants decline. Even your immune system does not function like it did when you were young. The good news is that VitalFactors can help strengthen your natural defenses against aging with energizing, revitalizing nutrients that will help you feel and look younger!

Antioxidants & Youth Factors

Scientific studies have shown that Amino-peptides (building blocks of proteins) infused into the VitalFactors formula can help the body release natural Youth compounds so you reap the rejuvenating benefits. Plus…

  • Antioxidants protect against “oxidative aging” caused by daily free radical damage that contributes to aging.
  • Resveratrol, increases antioxidant defenses against inflammation. Harvard called it the longevity molecule after their studies showed it helped mice gain less weight. They ran like athletes on the treadmill, developed muscles and lived 20% longer! Resveratrol helps protect the brain, joints, heart and immune system.
  • Fucoidan – boosts your immune defenses with powerful factors derived from this powerful Seaweed extract.
  • Superoxide Dismutase – enzyme is linked to lifespan and helps the body handle daily stress.
  • And more

Feel Years Younger!
You remember how great you felt in your 20’s? You enjoyed boundless energy, loved to be active and were always on the go. Don’t settle on spending your golden years on the the recliner suffering with aches and pains. Try VitalFactors and see how great you can feel again when you supply clinically proven nutrients vital to:

Energy & Stamina
Peak Performance
Good Health & Natural Immunity
Mental Clarity and Focus
Firm Muscle Tone (with some exercise)
Cardiovascular Wellness
Firm Skin

Healthy Lustrous Hair

The Science Behind “Fizzies” Keeps You Healthy!

MDR VitalFactors is an effervescent formula to allow greater bio-availability of precious nutrients. The bicarbonate also contributes to an alkaline pH, which is linked to healthy longevity.

Just 1-2 EfferTabs dropped in a glass of water creates a sparkling berry flavored drink that releases Youth Factors, Antioxidants, Amino-peptides, BioProtectors and Enzymes that work to repair, renew and rebuild.

High Quality Guaranteed


Feel Revitalized with the Superman of Antioxidants.

Defends your cells against «oxidative aging», the same process that causes iron to turn to rust!

Resveratrol & Grape Seed Extract

Defy Aging!

Helps reverse signs of aging and promotes cardiovascular health.

Lotus Seed

Repair and Renew.

Help repair damage that occurs daily. Promote youthful skin and healthy hair.

Dr. Lisa Learn: Leading Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
“I take VitalFactors and give it to my patients to promote youthful skin and good health. The only “complaint” is that it makes our hair grow so fast, we need to visit the salon more! We love it.”

January Howard: Aesthetics Practice Consultant.
“I started using VitalFactors and first I noticed more energy and better sleep. In a month I was amazed to see my hair grew thicker and longer. The Doctors I work with want to use it now!”

Enjoy Better Brain Focus and Attention.

VitalFactors contains a patented, natural brain support nutrient complex that was studied by the Harvard-associated Brain Imaging Center at McLean Hospital. Scientists found it increased brain activity and attention in subjects over a period of 6 weeks of use. This vital nutritional complex supports:

∗ Healthy brain metabolism
∗ Neural communication between brain cells
∗ Phospholipids vital to brain composition
∗ Memory and overall brain function
∗ Brain energy vital for focus, attention, and concentration

Lose the Fat. Gain Muscle.

MDR VitalFactors gives you the energy you need to go for a healthy walk or work out. When you feel good, naturally you will be more active.  Plus, amino acids in VitalFactors helps support muscle synthesis. The more muscles you develop, and the more active you are, the more calories you burn, so staying in shape is easier.

Frank McKinney: 7x Best-Selling Author, Real Estate Artist, Actor.
“I just starred in my first movie; “Real Estate Breakout”, launched my 7th book; “Aspire!” and toured it across 24 cities meeting 2,000+ homeless people. MDR kept my immune system super strong! Over the years, I have run the Badwater 135-mile Ultramarathon 12x in Death Valley in July! I love VitalFactors and other MDR products and have taken them for decades. They help me physically and mentally so I can perform at my peak with great mental acuity. All my endeavors have been helped by MDR!.”

Enjoy Better Brain Focus and Attention.

Boost your Immune Defenses

Now more than ever we need to protect our health. But as we age our immune function declines. MDR VitalFactors® reinvigorates your immune defenses with Fucoidan, shown in clinical trials to have extremely powerful immune activation benefits.

Purest Ingredients

MDR VitalFactors is made to the highest quality standards with the best ingredients. The formula contains no dyes, yeast, hormones, wheat, preservatives, sugars, or animal ingredients.

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Jana Short: Best Holistic Life CEO & Founder.
“My magazine keeps me so busy and Vital Factors gives me the energy to do more in one day than ever!”

Sheryl and Jan:
“Finding the love of our lives in our 60s is a blessing. We want to spend as much time together, active and healthy! VitalFactors has helped us feel younger and stay younger for each other! We love it!”

Anolan Dragitsch: Realtor & TV Producer
“VitalFactors keeps me healthy and confident. Every time I look in the mirror, I know I look younger and I feel younger, too!”

Gail Gensler: Pro-Aging Fitness Guru
“I box for fitness, up at 4am for my 6am workout, then spend all day as a
busy executive. I am 61. VitalFactors gives me the energy, stamina, and clarity I had in my 20s! I am around lots of people. I stay healthy and strong and feel fantastic.”

Nicole Shelley: Model Management
“VitalFactors gives me the stamina I need to do business between Miami, Istanbul, Montenegro, Ephesus, New York, and more!.”

Product Reviews

  • 5

    Energy Boost

    I can really feel the difference w/ my energy level after the "fizzies". Thank you for the energy, boost to my immunity and positive outlook! Joey California

  • 5

    MDR Vital Factors

    This product is awesome! MDR supplies me with energy and stamina. Builds up my immune system.

  • 5

    Give It a Try

    I have not been taking these tabs very long, but my skin seems more radiant.

  • 5

    Vital Factors

    I’ve been using this product for years and have never been disappointed. The product does what it says,, gives energy and vitality.

  • 4

    I always feel better while taking these vitamins.

    I have a digestive problem so the effervescence makes me able to metabolize them. Expensive but I feel they work

  • 5


    Im soon to be 87 years old. I have been taking the MDR Vital Factors and my doctor said for me to keep doing what Im doing. I have been taking the Vital Factors for 18 years now. I sometimes take them 6 days in a row instead of 5 days as prescribed. I have a banana and my Vital Factors for breakfast and go like the energized bunny for the rest of the day. The Vital Factors keep me regulated. I give MDR 5 thumbs up!!!!!

  • 5

    Fountain of youth!!

    This product keeps me going and makes me feel youthful. Highly recommend it!!

  • 5

    Wonderful Fizzies !!!

    I feel just great, alot younger!!!

  • 5

    Fountain of youth it is!!

    Feeling so alive and healthy!! So grateful!!

  • 5


    Feeling so much better.

  • 5

    I feel FANTASTIC when I take the Vital Factors

    I love this product so much, since I have been taking it I see a marked improvement of my hair and skin.

  • 4

    Muscle Tone

    I go to the gym four times a week and started taking these to support muscle tone. very satisfied. Will order again.

  • 4


    Ever since I started taking these, I feel as though I have so much more energy!

  • 5

    5+++++++ STAR!

    Ive never been so happy with a product in my life. It has helped my health so much and I feel amazing. Thanks for making this! Telling everyone about it!

  • 5

    hair, nails, skin

    Every since I started taking these a year go, my skin, hair, and nails feel look and feel so much healthier!

  • 5


    Ive tried a few products that were similar to this, but none have the results that this does. Definitely sticking with MDRs brand for now on :

  • 5

    Love the way I feel

    Love the way these make me feel!

  • 5


    One of my FAVORITE products you make, hands down!

  • 5


    Im 74 and feel AMAZING after taking this! Been taking it for 3 years . GREAT product.

  • 5


    I have a very stressful job and taking the Vital Factors seems to have helped control those stress levels.

  • 5

    Muscles Strong

    Every since Ive started taking Vital Factors, my muscles feel strong & my energy has gone up.

  • 5

    THE BEST!!!!!!

    I have never done a review before but I have to let it be known, I have been taking this product for ten years now and have to say I have not been sick ever since not kidding! Over the years I have been around a lot of sick people, have not had not even s sore throat or sniffles, My friends and family are always amazed that I dont get sick. Some people think these are pricey but I tell them its a lot cheaper than the doctor bills I could have had!! I am fifty nine years old and I feel great everyday! I will not ever stop taking these!!!!!!

  • 5


    I am so pleased because I am a teacher and my stress level and endurance have improved!

  • 5

    Helps workouts

    Seems to complement physical exercise.